Image & Style

Colour, Image And Style, with Catriona McCarthy…

Image & Style Consultation (two hours)€140

Are you unsure which styles are most flattering for you?
A style consultation will teach you how to get the most out of your wardrobe so you look great & feel comfortable in every situation. I cover everything from your head to your toes!

  • Learn how to select the most flattering clothes for your body shape
  • Learn why certain fabrics suit you more than others
  • Learn how to select styles to make your wardrobe suit your personality & lifestyle
  • Find the best hairstyles & glasses for your face shape & colouring
  • Find out where to shop for your look this season

And take away a personal image & style workbook full of helpful hints & tips.

Colour Consultation (One hour 15 minutes)€110
– Draping materials

Do you want to wear more colour but are confused about which ones will suit you best?

  • Learn the most flattering colours for your clothes
  • Discover tips on which colours suit your personal style
  • Combine mix ‘n’ match colours to make your wardrobe more versatile
  • Discover where to find your colours this season
  • Find the best hairstyles & glasses for your face shape and colouring

And take home a 36 colour swatch wallet to use as a guide when shopping.

Make-up Lesson (45 minutes)€55

Applying make-up properly is an important skill & with practice can be very easy to apply. You’ll be amazed at how you look!

  • Learn how to best care for your skin
  • Learn how to create a fast & simple make-up routine
  • Learn how to choose the right colours for your skin tone, eyes & face shape
  • Learn how to apply the perfect make-up to reflect your style, personality & lifestyle
  • Learn how to easily create a glamorous look for evening & special occasions
  • Learn how to achieve a long lasting look

And take home a personalised make-up prescription.

Colour Consultation (draping) & Make-up€140
(One hour 30 minutes)

Image & Style, Colour & Make-up€280
(Three hours)