Threading is a great alternative if you suffer from sensitive skin…

cbs_tA thin cotton heavy duty thread is doubled, twisted, and then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are extracted individually, threading can remove short lines of hair and the effects last up to 6 weeks.

Choose from the following options:

Upper lip€10
ChinFrom €8
Sides of faceFrom €15

The history of threading is unclear with some claiming it began in Turkey. Threading hair is so basic to women in the middle east and India that it can be compared to girls learning to braid each others hair as children.

Traditionally, threading is used on the entire face including upper lip, chin, eyebrows and sideburns. Lines of hair are removed from the root using a loop of cotton thread. It is fast and neat and considered less painful than tweezing or waxing. It does not exfoliate the skin, minimising irritation.