Teeth Whitening

Bright, healthy looking white teeth can do wonders for your smile, your overall appearance, and your self esteem. People who have whiter teeth are often much more confident about the way they look.

Our Whitening System is the fastest, easiest way to a whiter, brighter smile. This simple cosmetic treatment only takes one hour of your time and the results are instant. The teeth can be lifted 2-5 shades in one treatment (each individual is different).

Teeth Whitening Session (one hour)€100

Yellow or brown teeth, surface stains and uniformly darkened teeth are easier to whiten than grey or bluish teeth. Striped or spotted teeth are difficult to whiten.

Minor sensitivity after treatment, lasting 1-3 days, is a normal reaction and aftercare is very important. For the first 48 hours your teeth will be especially vulnerable to staining. For this reason, you should avoid tobacco and any food or beverage that would stain a white blouse.