Sun Shower

Enjoy our air-conditioned environment whilst you avail of our  sun shower treatments

Sun Shower (stand up)
3 Minutes€3
6 Minutes€6
9 Minutes€9
Course of 6 sessions (plus 1 free)€54

Note: Bring a towel if you wish. Use Australian Gold sun bed accelerator to bring your tan up quicker, whilst keeping your skin hydrated, soft and supple.

The Tan Commandments:

  • Solariums are well suited to balanced and appropriate tanning because they can be used in a way that is more gentle than the real sun, but it is advisable to abstain from tanning for at least one month of the year and not exceed 50 exposures per year.
  • Remove contact lenses, all cosmetics, perfumes and jewellery before using the solarium. Goggles must be worn – failure to do so will result in eye damage.
  • Under 18’s or pregnant women should not use a solarium. If you are taking antibiotics, drugs or medication you should consult your doctor.
  • No sun tanning preparation / lotion for outdoor use should be used on the body while taking a solarium treatment, however Australian Gold tanning accelerator can be used to accelerate the tanning process.
  • Do not use the solarium and natural light on the same day.
  • Clients should not interfere with sunbed timers. Time on solarium must be determined by trained staff who follow recommended exposure times depending on skin sensitivity.
  • The acrylic sheet / floor is cleaned after each use.
  • If you notice any redness after tanning, forego tanning for 48 hours and reduce your next session by a few minutes. Try in all cases to avoid redness, as these excesses constitute in effect skin damage.
  • Seek medical advice if persistent lumps or sores appear on the skin, or of there are any changes in pigmented moles (which should be covered before using a solarium).

NOT TO BE USED by people who burn and do not tan in the sun or are suffering from sunburn.

NOT TO BE USED by people who have, or have had skin cancer or are predisposed to skin cancer.